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GoldenCheetah Overview | Best FREE cycling software?

www.goldencheetah.org ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ https://www.strava.com/athletes/1551709 ...

Golden Cheetah - Real Time Training mode with laps + avg lap power

This quick video shows how to setup your Golden Cheetah interval workout profile to include laps and average lap power to ...

Golden Cheetah - Real-time Training Tool for indoor riding

Quite a few videos out there showing Golden Cheetah's post-ride power analysis capabilities, very few showing it as a real-time ...

Golden Cheetah: Analyzing your Ride

Golden Cheetah is very feature-laden, and sometimes it can be hard to know which features to use and how to use them. In this ...

Garmin Edge file import into Golden Cheetah 2.0 HOWTO

How to import a ride file from and Garmin Edge computer into Golden Cheetah v2.0.

Golden Cheetah: Long-Term Analysis

I discuss how to interpret the Performance Manager Chart (PMC) in Golden Cheetah to see how your training is trending.

Golden Cheetah: Your Peak Performance

The Performance Manager Chart (PMC) in Golden Cheetah helps predict our current performance. But how can you know if you ...

Tutorial - Garmin Connect Website: Export and Import Activity Data

This video will show you how to import and export activity files on Garmin Connect website.

Running Zwift, Rouvy, Trainerroad , Golden Cheetah remotely , streaming using a Steam Link

Controlling a turbo trainer or ant + training devices remotely using a "Steam Link" and "VirtualHere" .. might help some one ...

Performance Manager - Golden Cheetah 2.0 HOWTO

How to use the Performance Manager Concept in golden cheetah 2.0.

How to Label Intervals in Golden Cheetah - FastKadence

Labelling each interval in Golden Cheetah allows analysis and comparisons much easier in the future. This video shows how to ...

A Totally Free Indoor Cycling App That Controls Your Smart Bike Trainer

Visit SmartBikeTrainers: https://www.smartbiketrainers.com Check out GoldenCheetah here: http://goldencheetah.org ...

Golden Cheetah: Preparing to Win

Using a power meter you can precisely determine what your strengths and weaknesses are. In this video I discuss how to do this, ...

Golden Cheetah Ride Editor

demo of golden cheetah data processors and ride editor.

Golden Cheetah v2.1 Setup Screencast

This is a screencast I created about a year ago to help people get setup with the Golden Cheetah cycling software. It covers all the ...

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