Видео: Jaraci Cup 4 Groupstage A: AGameAnx vs. descara

Jaraci Cup 4 Groupstage A: AGameAnx vs. descara

Kicking it off with some awesome games between the two masters. 24 hour stream videos are coming I swear XD but for now you ...

Jaraci Cup 5 Groupstage A: descara vs. AGameAnx

Watch the two beasts duke it out in some hot dune on dune action.

Jaraci Cup 4 Semifinals A: AGameAnx vs. Shrike

Co-cast by the magnificent magpie!

Jaraci Cup 1 Groupstage D: AGameAnx vs. Coercer (Map 2)

Can he coercer his opponent to bring on his A game for this match? Just kill me please.

Jaraci Cup 2 Groupstage B: descara vs. cowofschmau

We continue the groupstage with the battle of the lower cases. Sorry for the visual artifact in the top left, it's coming from ...

Jaraci Cup 1 Groupstage A: Mazrym vs. Philothanic (Map 1)

What's the point of even writing things here...

Deserts of Kharak: Amazing High Level 2v2 on Taiidan Passage

Shrike and Bozocow take on TomCatXeno and Agame in this epic match. Enjoy! Dreamlands Discord: https://discord.gg/YKnAJ6S ...

Jaraci Patch Changes: Quick Summary

Behold! After much promising here it is. Tune in to the Jaraci Patch Edumacation Stream at https://twitch.tv/bozocow on ...

Kharak Cup 8 Finals: sparrow vs. Descara

A great end to a great tournament. I hope you enjoyed it! Sign-ups for KC9 on Saturday: https://battlefy.com/homeworld ...

HW: Deserts of Kharak: Jaraci balance mod Tournament match

Broadcasted live on Twitch -- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/coercersi Playing against Descara. Had to afk in Game 1 right as ...

Homeworld : Deserts of Kharak - Incursion in the North - Jaraci Cup 1 Final

"In 1113 KDS, Gaalsien incursions grew in intensity and Fleet Commander AgameAnx is leading an elite battlegroup to seize ...

Kharak Cup 7 Finals: Bozocow vs. Catharsis

Quite a fun finals, excellent Gaalsien vs. Khaaneph gameplay.

Trailer - Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak - Soban Fleet Pack

Kiith Soban are a highly respected force within the Northern Coalition. Although their tactical prowess is renowned, it is their ability ...

Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak - Mission 3 - Cape Wrath

Mission overview: Rachel S'jet follows a weak signal coming from within Hell's Gate. It's revealed to be the wreck of the Carrier ...

Путешествие к центру души. Все серии с 1 по 3. Мелодрама. StarMedia

https://www.youtube.com/starmedia Лучшие русские и зарубежные фильмы, сериалы всех жанров.

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